UIL Region Marching Contest- Tuesday, October 17

Family and friends are invited to watch the UIL performances Tuesday, October 17 at Pennington Field. L.D. Bell performs at 4:15 pm. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for non-participating students.

UIL Itinerary for L.D. Bell Band
A lunch- All Color Guard dismissed to eat lunch and then prep hair, makeup, costuming in T-Hall locker rooms
B lunch- All remaining wind and percussion dismissed to eat lunch and then change into full contest yellow uniform
1:24 pm (beginning of 4th period)- Call time for all in full contest uniform/costuming in Band Hall
2:00 pm Load buses
2:15 pm Depart for Pennington Field
2:30 pm Arrive at Pennington
2:30-3:20 pm Unload/restroom/organize equipment/plumes and water
3:20 pm Transition to Warm Up Area B
3:25 pm- Standing by at Area B
3:30-4:00 pm- Warm Up in Area B
4:00- Transition to gate
4:10 pm- Arrive at gate
4:15 pm- PERFORM
4:30 pm- Load trucks, buses
5:00 pm- Depart for LD Bell
5:15 pm- Arrive at LD Bell and dismissal

UIL Region 31 2017 Marching Contest Schedule