Pappa John’s Fundraiser

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza! We will sell pizza cards at $15.00 each. Each student are asked to sell at least 3 cards, additional cards are available if needed. Students selling more cards will accrue $10 per card to their band fees once the first 5 are sold (i.e sell 6 cards students gets $10, 7 cards $20… etc). The profit from the first 5 cards will go directly to the general fund account which helps keep your band fees at a minimum. The cards are buy one get one free (no minimum or maximum order), they are unlimited and may be used for a full year. Pizza cards will have our band name and logo on them. Students will be responsible for all lost cards, so it is important to keep track of them as the students account will be charged for any non-returned cards. Cards are valid for 12 months. Fundraiser will run from October 7th until November 2nd. Cards have been distributed to each student. For info please contact Dee Zuniga at 817-718-1289 or