May 6th Band Fee Collection / Band Ticket & Yearbook Distribution Day

Beginning at 4pm on May 6th, we will be distributing Band Banquet Tickets & Yearbooks for students that are current on all of their band fees. The Band Treasurer will be there to collect any outstanding fees. Once current, your student may sign up for the band banquet and receive the band yearbook. Parents and Non-LD Bell Band students may attend as a guest of a current band member. The cost is $40 per ticket; One guest (multiple parents may attend) per attending band student. MAY 6th IS THE ONLY DAY FOR GUESTS TO PAY AND SIGN UP. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! All student guests must submit an emergency release form (parents do not). Please download the attached form, fill it out and bring it with you to the distribution day (May 6th) beginning at 4pm in the Band Hall. Student guests must submit both the $40 and Emergency Release Form to attend. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Emergency Release Form