2011-2012 TMEA All State and All Region Results

    On Saturday, December 8th, L.D. Bell Band students competed in All-Region Auditions. Students performed excerpts from 3 etudes for 5 adjudicators in a “behind the curtain” audition. Possible achievement levels are “District,” “Region,” as well as certification to “Area.” “District” is a distinction for performers who were just below the cut for “Region.” “Region” students rehearsed and performed in the TMEA All-Region 5 Clinic & Concert on January 13 & 14. “Area” students auditioned for “State” on January 7th in Odessa and 7 members advanced to the 2012 TMEA All State Band.

Congratulations to all these talented students!

All State Band Members:
Mayo, Curtis
Pacheco, Andrew
Blume, Alex
Hernandez, Cecilia
McLallen, Morgan
Nobles, Ben
Powers, Kennedy

Soto, Nick
Groening, Jacob

All Region:
Irby, Brooke
Woodson, Keisha
Aquilone, Katie
Dempsey, Austen
Hartmann, Hayley
Blosch, Richard
Mulligan, Mark
Alexander, Connor
Yan, Lawrence
Hernandez, Cesar
Hamilton, Matt
Bumgardner, Kyle
Novikoff, Elliot

Diver, Collin
Boone, Billy
Mendoza, Lenna
Cuevas, Reyna
Aune, Sonja
Hill, Joshua
Luper, Marlena
Ngugi, Steve
Taylor II, Ronald
Scherer, Allison
Uribe, Kaylee